Q: What is "Paleo Style"?
A: A simpler preparation for health-conscious people - we carefully select the finest meats and all natural ingredients, marinate them overnight and slowly cook our jerky until it bursts with flavor. Just what you want and nothing you don't need...

Q: What does "All Natural" on the label mean?
A: The USDA defines "All Natural" as a product containing no artificial ingredients or added color and is only minimally processed. HJC Jerky contains no preservatives, HFC's or additives of any kind - just the freshest local ingredients we can find.

Q: What is "Gluten Free"?
A: Each individual ingredient used in HJC Jerky is certified Gluten Free.

Q: What gives HJC Jerky its rich flavor?
A: Most jerkies use salt as the main seasoning (it's very cheap). HJC Jerky uses a complex collection of fresh spices and adds NO salt. It's 15 times as expensive to use our spice mix in place of salt, but we think that's why our fans love the flavors.

Q: What's so special about Tamari? Why not use Soy Sauce like everyone else?
A: We use a ultra-low sodium, gluten-free Tamari that contains only soybeans, water and less than half the sodium of normal brands, giving our Jerky a deep, rich flavor without that salty aftertaste. Most soy sauces contain more wheat than soy with triple the sodium, giving it a watered-down, salty flavor.

Q: How long does your Jerky last in the bag?
A: Our unopened Jerky should be consumed before the best by date stamped at the bottom of every bag. This date is 12 months after production.

Q: How long is your Jerky good after it has been opened?
Our Jerky retains its delicious flavors for 3-5 days after opening. It should be resealed immediately after opening to maintain freshness.

Q: Does HJC Jerky need refrigeration?
A: Our Jerky does not require special storage - anywhere not in the sun works just fine...

Q: Why does Jerky cost so much?
We take one pound (16 oz.) of meat or poultry to make 5-6 oz. of Jerky. Even our no-fat, whole muscle top round beef is approximately 73% water, most of which evaporates in the cooking process.

Q: Why is the protein content so high in Jerky?

A: The meats used in making our Jerky are whole-muscle Top Round Beef and ultra-lean Turkey Breasts which are 98-99% Fat Free. Protein is primarily found in the muscle tissue. Lean muscle consists of approximately 23 percent protein, 73 percent water, 2-2.5 percent fat, and 1 percent ash (the mineral component of muscle).

Q: What is the little white bag in the packages?
A: The white bag in the package contains iron oxide. It is non-toxic and helps to extend the freshness of the product by absorbing oxygen. Not for ingestion...

Q: Where is your Jerky made?
A: Our Jerky is proudly made and packaged in the Western USA in USDA-inspected facilities. We use all USDA - certified beef and turkey from Oregon, Idaho, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. Even our ingredients come from the USA.