What makes a jerky "healthy" ?
It's not just a name, or a "star" chef, or fancy packaging. We believe Jerky can be high protein, very low fat, low carbs (that's sugar), ultra low sodium, gluten-free, and of course, all natural - no preservatives, no nitrates/ nitrites, no HFC's, no added MSG.

Our Healthy Jerky delivers this in eight awesome flavors. We invite you to compare with other premium jerky - see if any can match Healthy Jerky's overall nutritional profile...
  What You Want and Need in a Healthy Jerky
A Simple Paleo Style With Minimal Ingredients

You Want Healthy Jerky Delivers
A Great Taste Moist and Tender, Seasoned to Perfection, Slow Cooked to Bring Out the Flavors and Aromas
High Protein 13-14gr / Serving
Low Fat 1/2 Fat gr / Serving
Low Sodium 75% less than the leading brands, only 140mg / Serving
Low Carbs Only 2g / Serving vs 5-12 for other premium brands (Teriyaki is only 4gr)
Value Up to 7gr Protein for Every Carb - Now THAT'S Health Food !!